List of animals I've lived with

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Name Sex Breed Color Details
Female | Siberian? | Calico | My aunt Diane's cat. She kept her long she moved out of Pontiac to Mayville.
Female | American Shorthair| Tabby (gray and black) | My father gave her as a kitten to my brother. She had kittens at a young age, and I got to see them right after they were born, but they all died. Shortly after we moved to Clarkston, I found her dead along the side of our house.
Male | Unknown | Black and white | A stray cat we took in in Pontiac. He lived in our house with our other cats. We didn't take him with us when we moved, and I have no memory if my aunt did or not.
Male | Unknown | Solid gray | Another stray cat we took in in Pontiac. He wasn't very friendly. Again, I don't know what happened to him after we moved.
Male | Beagle | Tri-colored | After Little Bit had died, my siblings and I expressed interest in a dog. My parents got us Dabby because he was so incorrigible his owner (a hunter) didn't want him. He ran away a lot and wouldn't come when you called him, so we had to keep him on a chain at all times. My mother didn't want him in this house, so he remained in the backyard at all times. He was terrified of the lawn mower. When I was in sixth grade, he ran away and we never saw him again.
Male | Shepherd | Black and white | A large long haired shepherd of some sort. He was a stray around my grandparent's house. After we were certain we'd never see Dabby again, my mother suggested we adopt him. He was a pretty even-tempered dog, and we brought him to We picked him up at my grand mother's house in Clarkston and kept him for awhile at our place. Weeks later, while visiting my grand mother, I confused my mother's request to "take him out" to mean let him go, and he never came back.
Max - A gray and black mutt, mostly retriever. We got his as a puppy. After a couple months, I found him dead in my parent's back yard.
Pup E. Dog - A golden retriever we got at the Humane Society. We had him for a couple years. He was left outside all the time, even though the winter, and we didn't go out very often to see him, or walk him much. He would always run away and once made it all the way out to Waterford before being found again. The last time he ran away, he backed out of his collar, and we never saw him again.
Lucy - A rust and white American bulldog, pitbull, mutt. Emily and I got her as a present for Emily's 31st birthday.