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Process Company Name
audiodg.exe Microsoft Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation
alg.exe Microsoft Application Layer Gateway Service
brs.exe CyberLink Blue Ray Driver
conhost.exe Microsoft Vista/7 Console Host
csrss.exe Microsoft Client Server Runtime Process
ctfmon.exe Microsoft Alternative User Input Text Input Processor for Office
ctfmon.exe Microsoft Alternative User Input Text Input Processor for Office
daemonu.exe Nvidia Nvidia Settings Update Manager
dpupchk.exe Microsoft Intellipoint Update Check
dwm.exe Microsoft Desktop Window Manager
essvr.exe Giga-Byte Motherboard Process
explorer.exe Microsoft Windows Explorer
hkcmd.exe Intel Graphics hot key interceptor
jusched.exe Sun Java Update Scheduler
lsass.exe Microsoft Local Security Authentication Server
lsm.exe Microsoft Local Session Manager Service
msmsgs.exe Microsoft Windows Messenger
nvvsvc.exe Nvidia Driver Helper Service
nvxdsync.exe Nvidia User Experience Driver Component
searchfilterhost.exe Microsoft Vista/7 Search Filter Host
searchindexer.exe Microsoft Vista/7 Search Indexer
searchprotocolhost.exe Microsoft Vista/7 Search Protocol Host
slsvc.exe Microsoft Microsoft Software Licensing Service
smss.exe Microsoft Windows NT Session Manager
spoolsv.exe Microsoft Print/Fax Spooler
svchost.exe Microsoft Service Host Process (It's normal to have several running)
System Microsoft XP PC Time
System Idle Process Microsoft XP Idle Time
taskmgr.exe Microsoft Task Manager
wininit.exe Microsoft Windows Start-Up Application
winlogon.exe Microsoft Windows Logon Application
winlogon.exe Microsoft Windows Logon Application
wmiprvse.exe Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Host
wuauclt.exe Microsoft Windows Update AutoUpdate Client