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"Tux," the mascot and logo of Linux.

Linux is a family of free open-source operating systems based on the Linux kernel designed by Linus Torvalds and first released on 1991-09-17. Popular operating systems built around the Linux kernel include Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, Debian, and Mint, but there are hundreds of others.

My familiarity of Linux systems is limited because I use Windows for my home and work computers. I usually only use Linux-based operating systems when I do maintenance on my Web server, but, because Linux is so stable, it's rarely needed.


This is Linux software that is important to me.


Most programs developed for Windows can be emulated in Linux by using the program Wine.

See all Linux software.


Games are rarely developed primarily for Linux, but rather ported to Linux after Windows and Macintosh versions have been made.

See all Linux games.


I haven't really used Linux enough to give it a proper review.


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