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King's Quest began as a series of adventure games developed and published by Sierra On-Line and written by Roberta Williams. The series was one of the pioneers of the graphical adventure genre with the first King's Quest being released in 1984, although it has roots in the 1980 game, Wizard and the Princess. In addition to the main canon of games, various games related to the series have been made as well as books and other forms of media.

The first game I played in the series was King's Quest IV on my cousin's Tandy 1000 shortly after it was released (1988-89). Initially, I was awestruck by the beauty of the graphics and music, but, looking back on it, while the engine and media of the game are above average, the game itself is pretty bland. My cousin and I eventually beat it with some help from a veteran player before my uncle bought King's Quest V. The newer engine really impressed me, and I still think this is the best King's Quest game from a visual stand point. We eventually beat this game too, and then got King's Quest VI. I personally haven't beaten this one, but my cousin and uncle did. After that, they bought the King's Quest Collection, which included the first six King's Quest games, I wanted to beat all of them, but I found myself getting stuck in all of the games I hadn't already beaten and remembered how unfair they get at times. This left me with little desire to finish the series, but I did eventually beat the first two also.

Main Games

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