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Later North American box art.

King's Quest, later titled King's Quest I: Quest For the Crown is an adventure game by Sierra Online, originally released in 1984 for the PCjr, but later ported to several other platforms.


I own a digital release of the game through Steam. I have beaten it, though not with a full score.


  • Overall: 4/10
  • Best Version: Remake using the SCI engine.


  • The game has a fair amount of charm, incorporating various fairy tales.
  • Though very dated now, the game is a pioneer in the PC-based adventure game. Hundreds of games have used this game's concept of a single screen as a room and walking off-screen into the next room.


  • There are far too many ways to die!
  • Too many of the puzzles are really just walking hazards.
  • By using fairy tales as a basis for several of the puzzles, the answers were often very obvious.
  • Some of the monsters aren't really puzzles they just get in the way, like the wolf, troll, and thieving gnome.


  • Nothing really.

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