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* '''Overall:''' 4/10
* '''Overall:''' 3/10
* '''Best Version:''' Remake using the SCI engine.
* '''Best Version:''' Remake using the SCI engine.

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Later North American box art.

King's Quest, later titled King's Quest I: Quest For the Crown is an adventure game by Sierra Online, originally released in 1984 for the PCjr, but later ported to several other platforms.


I own a digital release of the game through Steam. I have beaten it, though not with a full score.


  • Overall: 3/10
  • Best Version: Remake using the SCI engine.


  • The game has a fair amount of charm, incorporating various fairy tales.
  • Though very dated now, the game is a pioneer in the PC-based adventure game. Hundreds of games have used this game's concept of a single screen as a room and walking off-screen into the next room.


  • There are far too many ways to die!
  • By using fairy tales as a basis for several of the puzzles, the answers were often very obvious.
  • Some of the monsters aren't really puzzles they just get in the way, like the wolf, troll, and thieving gnome.
  • The jump, duck, and swim buttons are annoying, and I'm glad they got rid of them in the sequels.


  • Too many of the puzzles are really just walking hazards. That's not adventure, that's keyboard dexterity. And, since you're given unlimited saves, the only purpose they serve is to slow the game down.

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