Kid Icarus: Angel Land Story

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Kid Icarus: Angel Land Story is a platform action game developed and published by Nintendo originally for the Famicom Disk System on 1986-12-19, and ported to the NES in July, 1987. In the game, you play the angel Pit who has been banished to the Underworld by Medusa who has also kidnapped Palutena, the Princess of Angel Land. You must guide Pit from the Underworld, the overworld, into the sky, and finally back into Angel Land.

Kid Icarus is the "sister game" of Metroid. They were both developed by Nintendo R&D1 and shared several staff members, they use a similar game engines, and the were both released in gray "Password Pak" boxes in the USA. However, where Metroid became a fairly popular series with over a dozen games, Kid Icarus remained obscure with only three games. Although I don't care much for the game, I would have loved to see a Game Boy Advance remake in the same vein as Metroid: Zero Mission.

I first saw Kid Icarus in The Official Nintendo Player's Guide, and thought the game looked amazing. I remember my sister telling me that one of the families she babysat for had the game and I offered to help her babysit for them (but she saw through my clever ruse and refused). Years later, I found out the my local flea market included a trade in system where I could get rid of unwanted games for new games, and I swapped two games (I don't remember which) for Kid Icarus. At first I was very excited to finally play this game, but, after getting a game over repeatedly on the first level, I quickly became disenfranchised. Luckily, a friend of mine found the ICARUS FIGHTS MEDUSA ANGELS password, which starts you halfway through the game with invincibility. This allowed us to get a bit more life out of the game.


I own this game on the NES, but have never beaten it.






Box Art




Language Native Transliteration Translation
English Kid Icarus: Angel Land Story
Japanese 光神話 パルテナの鏡 Hikari Shinwa: Parutena no Kagami Light Mythology: Palutena's Mirror


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