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File:Jon Siebels - c.2017.jpg
Jon Siebels (c. 2017).

Jonathan Lee Siebels (born 1979-08-27), is an American musician best known as the lead guitarist for the alternative rock group, Eve 6. After Eve 6 disbanded in 2004, Siebels formed a new group in 2005 called Monsters Are Waiting and, while he was busy with them, didn't work with Max Collins or Tony Fagenson when they began The Sugi Tap in 2007. In 2010, Siebels helped create Hesta Prynn's solo debut EP Can We Go Wrong. In 2011, Siebels officially rejoined Eve 6 for their next album and continues to play in the band to this day.

I have seen Siebels play several times with Eve 6 and met him a couple times. He's always seemed to be the shiest one of the band.


With Eve 6

Released Album Title Type
1996-??-?? Eleventeen Demo
1998-04-28 Eve 6 Studio
2000-07-25 Horrorscope Studio
2003-07-22 It's All In Your Head Studio
2010-??-?? Extended Versions Live
2012-04-24 Speak In Code Studio


Released Album Title Type Group Own?
2007-03-21 The Sugi Tap EP The Sugi Tap