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John Deacon (c. 1981).

John Richard Deacon, (born 1951-08-19) is a musician, best known for his work with the band Queen where he composed music, lyrics, and primarily played bass, but often played various other instruments like electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, and drums. Most of his songs were various rock genres. Unlike Brian May and Roger Taylor, John Deacon retired from Queen in 1997 and no longer performs with the band.


I learned about John Deacon through his work with the band Queen, and, due to his reserved nature, I didn't really pay him much mind, but, as I became more interested in the song-writing credits of the band, I discovered that he wrote several songs which I really enjoyed.

Songs With Queen

Sheer Heart Attack

A Night at the Opera

A Day at the Races


News of the World

The Game

Flash Gordon: Original Soundtrack

Hot Space

The Works

A Kind of Magic

The Miracle


Made in Heaven




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