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Jenny Lewis (c. 2014).

Jennifer Diane Lewis (born January 8, 1976), is an American musician and actress, best known for her work with the band Rilo Kiley and, to a lesser extent, her solo career. As a musician, she composes music, writes lyrics, sings, and plays several instruments including guitar and keyboards. The bulk of Lewis's acting career was as a child and teen, but she still shows up from time to time in movies and tv shows.

I first saw Jenny Lewis in the movie The Wizard, but I became more interested in her when an online friend told me about her music with Rilo Kiley. I'm usually wary of actors-turned-musicians, but I began to like what I heard from the four songs the band made available online, and started buying their albums and seeing them in concert. I own most of the albums that predominately feature Jenny and have seen her in concert about seven times, and talked to her a couple of times. She's always been very pleasant.


Solo Albums

Released Title Rating Own
2006-01-24 Rabbit Fur Coat 1 Yes, signed.
2008-09-23 Acid Tongue 3 Yes
2014-07-29 The Voyager 2 No

Solo Singles & Appearances

Released Title Own
2006-03-09 Rise Up With Fists!! No
2006-05-01 You Are What You Love No
2008-??-?? The Next Messiah No
2008-??-?? Carpetbaggers No
2008-??-?? Bolt: Original Soundtrack No
2014-??-?? Just One of the Guys No
2014-??-?? She's Not Me No

Albums With Other Artists

Released Title Group
1998-??-?? Sandbox Sessions 05/02/98 Rilo Kiley
1999-06-01 Desert Blue (Music From the Motion Picture) Rilo Kiley
2001-??-?? The Initial Friend EP Rilo Kiley
2001-07-31 Take Offs and Landings Rilo Kiley
2002-08-13 Lifted or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground Bright Eyes
2002-10-01 The Execution of All Things Rilo Kiley
2002-??-?? Barsuk Records Treats Rilo Kiley
2002-??-?? Bright Eyes With Rilo Kiley / Sorry About Dresden Rilo Kiley
2003-02-19 Give Up The Postal Service
2003-03-04 The Ugly Organ Cursive
2003-10-07 Maybe This Christmas Two? Rilo Kiley
2003-??-?? Saddle Creek 50 Rilo Kiley
2004-02-03 Me First The Elected
2004-08-10 Album of the Year The Good Life
2004-08-16 More Adventurous Rilo Kiley
2004-??-?? Live At Fingerprints Rilo Kiley
2005-02-22 Awake Is the New Sleep Ben Lee
2005-02-22 Transistor Radio M. Ward
2005-07-12 Wedding Crashers (Music From And Inspired By The Film) Rilo Kiley
2005-07-29 Must Love Dogs (Music From the Motion Picture) Rilo Kiley
2005-09-27 Grey's Anatomy Original Soundtrack, Vol. 1 Rilo Kiley
2005-10-11 Do They Know It's Hallowe'en? Rilo Kiley
2005-10-25 Lagniappe Bright Eyes
2005-??-?? Trouble Is Real Johnathan Rice
2006-01-24 Sun, Sun, Sun The Elected
2006-??-?? Livin' In a Dream Whispertown 2000
2006-??-?? Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake James Figurine
2006-??-?? Southern Manners The Watson Twins
2007-04024 Dumb Luck Dntel
2007-08-17 Under the Blacklight Rilo Kiley
2007-??-?? Further North Johnathan Rice
2007-??-?? Vietnam Vietnam
2008-04-22 Momofuku Elvis Costello and the Imposters
2008-??-?? Swim Whispertown 2000
2010-08-31 I'm Having Fun Now Jenny and Johnny
2010-09-03 Flamingo Brandon Flowers
2013-03-26 Afraid of Heights Wavves
2013-04-02 Rkives Rilo Kiley
2013-04-02 RKives: Rilo Kiley Demos Rilo Kiley
2016-06-24 Nice As Fuck Nice As Fuck
2016-10-28 Christmas Party She & Him
2016-??-?? Calling Out EZTV
2017-??-?? Paul Shaffer & The World's Most Dangerous Band Paul Shaffer


This is a list of some of my favorite songs by Jenny Lewis. For all her songs, see Jenny Lewis Songs.



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