Ittle Dew

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Steam title card.

Ittle Dew is an action puzzle game developed and published by Ludosity AB for Ouya and Windows on 2013-07-05. The game uses game play elements from The Legend of Zelda, Portal, and ZZT and reminded me greatly of God of Thunder. You play a ambigiously-gendered child in search of adventure with her drunken dog-fairy Tipsy as a guide. As you explore various rooms and solve the puzzles, you earn gold to buy interesting items that allow you finish more difficult puzzles.

I got this game as part of a humble bundle. The graphic art originally enticed me to play it, and once I did, I was hooked. I first beat the game on 2015-04-08.


I own this game and have beaten it, though without 100% completion. I got 5/15 achievements.


  • Overall: 8/10
  • Best Version: Windows


  • The challenge was hard enough for me to spend a few minutes thinking about each room, but none of the mandatory puzzles were too difficult that I couldn't solve them without hints.
  • The graphics are attractive, colorful, well-polished and interesting to look at.
  • Each region had a nice theme to it, and I like that they took away non-essential items to make them a challenge.
  • The characters and dialogue between them is a humorous addition to the game and the artwork for each creature was really great.
  • The two wands were particularly interesting, especially in how they interact with each other.


  • While the game informs you that you can't miss any items in the three dungeons, I don't like the fact that you're locked out of them. It would be nice to return and retry the puzzles without having to start a new game.


  • Nothing. A well-made game all-around.