I Wish I Were the Moon

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Starting screen.

I Wish I Were the Moon is a short puzzle game by Daniel Benmergui and released in Flash in 2008. The game opens with a girl on a boat in the sea gazing longingly at a boy on the moon. Using the mouse you can snapshot an area of the screen and move it somewhere else in the scene. By adjusting their positions, different endings are discovered.

I don't remember what brought me to this game, but it was the first of Benmergui's that I played, and I enjoyed the style.


This game is freely available online. I have beaten it and discovered each of the eight endings.


  • Overall: 3/10
  • Best Version: ?


  • Despite the primitive graphics, the game makes good use of pixel art.
  • The results of playing around with the scene create interesting outcomes.


  • Nothing.


  • The game is too short. Even without any knowledge, it can be finished in a couple minutes.