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HuniePop is a pornographic puzzle game and dating simulator developed and published by HuniePot in 2015 for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. In the game, you play an awkward faceless man who is taught by a love fairy how to convince women to have sex with him. You do this by playing a matching game which earns you money which can be used to buy the women gifts. The more gifts you buy them, and the better you do in the matching game, the more the love you and send you pornographic pictures until you eventually have sex with them.

I saw some friends playing this game at a video game party and thought it looked interesting. I later got it as part of a Humble Bundle


I own this game and have beaten it, with 99% completion.


  • Overall: 2/10
  • Best Version: Windows


  • The artwork for both the interface and characters is professionally done.
  • The voices are very well acted.
  • Likewise, the game has a good soundtrack. No real hummable tunes, but nice ambiance.
  • I like that Kyu often breaks the fourth wall with jokes about the game.
  • Venus's questions do a good job of reminding the player how little they have paid attention to the women of the game.
  • Momo and Celeste have really nice trivia games.


  • The full-screen art of the women doesn't match the paper-doll art of them very well.
  • While the tile-matching puzzle is fun, the game of finding out what the women like and buying them all their gifts is so easy, it's dull.
  • The visible cameltoe in most outfits for most of the women is rather obnoxious.
  • While Celeste isn't too unexpected to find, finding Momo is hidden far too well.