Hugo III: Jungle of Doom!

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US cover art.

Hugo III: Jungle of Doom! is an adventure puzzle game developed and published by David Gray and released for MS-DOS on 1992-02-20 and later ported to Windows. It is the third game in the Hugo series, released after Hugo II: Whodunit?.

The game was programmed in Quick C, and Gray's graphics were drawn in PC Paintbrush.

I played this game shortly after playing Hugo II: Whodunit?, most likely from the same shareware package as the second game. I certainly appreciated the improved artwork, but found the game to be just as dated at the previous titles in the trilogy. I got a little over half-way through the game in my first attempts, but finally hunkered down to play it in earnest and beat it on 2018-06-25.


I do not own the game, but I have beaten it with minor hints and obtained a full score.


  • Overall: 2/10
  • Best Version: DOS

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The artwork, drawn by Gary Sirois, is pretty good for EGA.
  • The game engine saw more improvements like a turbo feature.


  • The game's music and sound effects are very dated. They weren't even good for the late 1980s, let alone the early 1990s. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis was released the same year). Also, a lot of the scenery that should be animated is not.
  • The game doesn't seem to know it's set in South America; there are African elephants, African hyenas, and African Zulu shields.
  • The game does have a few guess-the-verb style problems especially involving the bridge and the crystal ball. A more forgiving parser would have been nice.
  • The book is hidden in such a way that you have to accidentally stumble upon it. No careful examination of the screen or lateral thinking will uncover it.
  • There are a couple ways to put the game into an unwinnable state, but they're somewhat obvious.
  • The puzzle involving the clay is pretty difficult to figure out, and I'm a bit surprised I solved it without a hint.


  • The game is far too short for an adventure game that costs money. It's even shorter than the first Hugo game! If you know what you're doing, you can beat it in 10 minutes!





This is all of the shareware versions of the Hugo games I could find including Hugo III: Jungle of Doom! for DOS and Windows. You can still buy the game from the author.


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