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[[Category: 2012 Video Games]]
[[Category: 2012 Video Games]]
[[Category: Video Game Prime Order - Adventure, Strategy, Action]]
[[Category: Video Game Prime Order - Adventure, Strategy, Action]]
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[[Category: Video Game Genre - Puzzle]]
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[[Category: Media Theme - Mystery]]

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Steam title card.

Home is a suspenseful graphical adventure game and puzzle video game developed and published by Benjamin Rivers and first released on Windows on 2012-07-01, and then ported to several other platforms. In the game, you play a character who awakes in a dank building next to a freshly murdered person. As you use a flashlight to explore your dark surroundings, you find a lot of evidence that suggests you're the killer, but it's up to you to find out precisely what happened. The game is pretty short, but it has multiple endings depending on how you play it.


I own this game on Steam and have beaten it a couple times


  • Overall: 4/10
  • Best Version: Windows

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The ambiance, both from an audio and visual standpoint are pretty good.
  • I really like how the game world actually changes itself based on what you do.
  • There are a few moments that got my heart beating faster and areas that made me feel claustrophobic.


  • The graphics seem needlessly pixelated. I presume because Benjamin Rivers didn't want to have to draw higher resolution art himself.
  • None of the puzzles are very difficult, except perhaps the safe which I haven't been able to open.


  • There isn't enough to the game. After your first play through, you'll have to repeat the vast majority of the game to see in the exact same way to see minor changes to the ending.



Let's play.


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