Heroes and Cocktails

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Heroes and Cocktails

Robb Roy - Heroes and Cocktails.jpg

CD - USA - first edition.

Artist Robb Roy
Published 1999-01-12
Type Studio
Genre Hard rock, Alternative rock
Themes Relationships, breakups, consumerism

Heroes and Cocktails is the second studio album by Robb Roy released on 1999-01-12. The album is mostly hard rock and alternative rock with songs covering topics like politics, substance abuse, and relationships.


I saw Robb Roy perform like at Arts, Beats, and Eats in Pontiac in 1999 with the family of my high school girlfriend. I liked the band enough to buy this CD, which was their latest album. Over the next couple months, I listened to the songs and really absorbed them, enjoying them quite a bit. I think Robb Roy was really talented, but they never really got big outside of Michigan because their style was on the decline in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

I own this album on CD.

Track listing

All songs sung by Graham Strachan. Track 13 is a hidden track attached to the end of track 12.

Track Title Composers Rank Rating
1 Won't Feel a Thing Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko, Kevin Pruett, Perez Morris 3 Rating-5.svg
2 Shine Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko 2 Rating-6.svg
3 Dream Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko 11 Rating-4.svg
4 Anyway Kevin Pruett, Graham Strachan 7 Rating-5.svg
5 Magic Lotion Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko, Jason Kuehn, Don DiDonato 4 Rating-5.svg
6 Head Does Me In Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko, Kevin Pruett, Duane Huff 10 Rating-4.svg
7 It's Over Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko 12 Rating-4.svg
8 Shame Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko, Kevin Pruett, Perez Morris 5 Rating-5.svg
9 Gimmie Gimmie Graham Strachan, Michael Kudreiko 6 Rating-5.svg
10 Dirt Kevin Pruett 9 Rating-4.svg
11 Man Named Sam Jason Kuehn 1 Rating-7.svg
12 Sineater Jason Kuehn 8 Rating-4.svg
13 Stranger in My Kitchen  ? 13 Rating-2.svg

The album's total score is 218.