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Tegan and Sara - Heartthrob.jpg

CD - USA - first edition.

Artist Tegan and Sara
Published 2013-01-29
Type Studio
Genre Synth-pop
Themes Relationships, love, breakups

Heartthrob is the seventh studio album by Tegan and Sara, published on 2013-01-29 on CD and digital release. The album departs from the band's earlier indie rock sound and is much more clearly pop, specifically synth-pop and indie pop, and the songs are entirely about relationships.


I was a fan to Tegan and Sara for a couple years before this album came out, and, while I was first a bit turned off by the pop sound, it slowly grew on me, and I began to like it more. I like all of the songs on the album, but, since it's all pop music, none of the songs have any real depth, so none of them really resonate with me, and they're also pretty repetitive. However, they're still enjoyable to listen to.

I don't own this album.

Track Listing

Tegan and Sara Quinn sing vocals on every track.

Track Title Composer Rank Rating
1 Closer Tegan Quin, Sara Quin, Greg Kurstin 1 Rating-7.svg
2 Goodbye, Goodbye Tegan Quin, Sara Quin 9 Rating-4.svg
3 I Was a Fool Tegan Quin, Sara Quin 8 Rating-4.svg
4 I'm Not Your Hero Tegan Quin, Sara Quin 2 Rating-6.svg
5 Drove Me Wild Tegan Quin, Sara Quin, Ossama Al Sarraf, Ned Shepard 3 Rating-5.svg
6 How Come You Don't Want Me Tegan Quin, Sara Quin, Jack Antonoff 5 Rating-5.svg
7 I Couldn't Be Your Friend Tegan Quin, Sara Quin 4 Rating-5.svg
8 Love They Say Tegan Quin, Sara Quin 7 Rating-5.svg
9 Now I'm All Messed Up Tegan Quin, Sara Quin 6 Rating-5.svg
10 Shock to Your System Tegan Quin, Sara Quin 10 Rating-0.svg

The album's total score is 342.


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