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Microsoft Hearts for Windows 3.11.

Microsoft's Hearts, also called Hearts Network, is a strategy video game developed by Paul Pedriana and published by Microsoft with Windows 3.1 in May 1992. It is a video game version of the card game Hearts. The game was included, no doubt, to show off the networking capabilities of Windows 3.1. A version of Hearts has been included with every major release of Windows since, and was completely reprogrammed for Windows Vista.


I remember seeing this game being played by my fellow students across the network in my high school. Although I was interested in playing it myself, I didn't know the rules, and made little attempt at learning them. I kept seeing the game across various versions of Windows as I upgraded, but, because the games didn't have an AI, I couldn't play them in single player mode. It wasn't until I bought a new computer with Windows Vista, which featured a remake of the game, that I began understanding how to play it properly and developed strategies for the game.


I own most versions of Windows, and likewise, own most versions of Hearts. I have beaten many different games.


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Best Version: Windows

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game nicely simulates the Hearts card game.
  • The fact that you can play across the network with human opponents was a great feature.
  • The AI is good enough to challenge beginner players.
  • Each major release of Windows also included minor updates to the game. A later version included with XP came with a better interface and additional options, like the ability to change the card backs.
  • Since the Windows Vista release, the game looks beautiful and uses impressive vector graphics that scale to any screen size.


  • The early versions of the game were pretty ugly looking using a default 16-color EGA palette. You couldn't even resize the form.
  • Although the game featured sound effects, they're quite juvenile.


  • Nothing.



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