Half-Life 2: Episode Two

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Steam title card.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two is a first-person action adventure game developed and published by Valve for Windows on 2007-10-10, and later ported to several other platforms. Despite its name, it is the fourth game in the Half-Life series. This episode is a bit longer than episode one, and showcases several new features in the Source Engine.


My friend Cody bought me this game along with all the other Half-Life games. Having been a big fan of all the previous titles, I couldn't help but play this one.


I own this game and have beaten it a couple times and got 14/22 achievements.


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Best Version: Windows

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The hunters are a wonderful new enemy.
  • The new doctor is quite obnoxious, but a good addition.
  • The seamless move from the train crash of Episode 1 is a perfect way to start the game.
  • Alyx Vance continues to be a fantastic addition to the game.
  • The ending battle is wonderfully epic.
  • The game is considerably longer than Episode One, which is nice considering the first one seemed too short.


  • I don't like the fact that Dr. Vance and the Vorticons share a very similar voice from the same voice actor. It makes them seem less-real.
  • There is a very annoying bug in the physics engine that sometimes vaults you into the air after you walk over a odd-shaped object. Especially the gnome!
  • I don't like it when games make achievements for things that are necessary to beat the game anyway.


  • Nothing.








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