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The Half-Life logo.

The Half-Life universe encompasses everything related to the Half-Life series created by Valve. This includes not just the Half-Life series, but also anything related to Portal, Team Fortress, Counter-Strike, and a couple other related franchises.

Unfortunately, it seems Valve is no longer interested in making games, and refuses to outsource their IP to other developers, so the Half-Life series hasn't seen a release to the core series since 2007. Other related franchises haven't seen releases in several years as well.


My first foray into Half-Life was from the original game shortly after the sequel was released. I had heard a lot of fanfare from my friends, so I decided to take a look at the original. Although I didn't play it until years after the original was released, I was still very impressed by the game, enough to continue playing through most of the sequels and expansions.


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See Portal (universe).

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Easter eggs & secrets.
Review - How Half-Life teaches without a tutorial.
Crazy details.


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