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I own this game on Steam and have beaten it.
I own this game on Steam and have beaten it at medium difficulty.

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North American box art.

Half-Life: Blue Shift is a first-person shooter developed by Gearbox Software and published by Valve for Windows on 2001-06-12 and then ported to Macintosh and Linux. The game is set in the Half-Life universe and the game tells a side-story of what occurred elsewhere in Black Mesa during the events of the first Half-Life game. You play security guard Barney Calhoun who tries to escape from the collapsing research facility after the resonance cascade.


If I recall, I bought a collection of all the original Half-Life games when they were on sale on Steam, but it was only after I beat Half-Life 2. I still enjoyed the game, but was certainly not as impressed at the lower-quality graphics and 3D engine.


I own this game on Steam and have beaten it at medium difficulty.


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Best Version: Windows (not Steam)

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • Watching the effects of the resonance cascade through the eyes of the other occupants of Black Mesa is really interesting and gives you a new perspective on the game's story line.
  • Barney's auto-aiming is a really nice addition that makes him seem like a more accomplished marksman than Gordon Freeman.
  • There are a couple scripted encounters that showcase how dangerous the aliens and US military can be.
  • I like the addition of being able to drag and pull boxes and barrels to solve puzzles.
  • The section Power Struggle has a couple clever puzzles (but also some dead ends that confuse the player).
  • Most of the good points from the original Half-Life hold true with this game.


  • There isn't much new to this game. There aren't any new weapons to use (and you're limited to access from Half-Life and don't get to use any from Opposing Force). Instead of a HEV suit, you get armor, but it's pretty dull. There aren't any new enemies. There are only two new NPC skins: the fat security guard and Dr. Rosenburg. Because of this, it feels a bit lacking.
  • By 2001, the GoldSrc engine was looking pretty weak. Now that more of their target base had upgraded their computers, the designers could have pushed it a bit further with more detailed models and higher resolution textures, but the engine runs like it did in 1998.
  • You can see and shoot enemies at a distance further than they can see you. This means, as long as you keep your distance, you can shoot and kill enemies without them shooting back or ever even moving toward you. Most places in the game are too cramped for this to work, but long corridors and large open spaces let you take advantage of this issue.
  • Although the new mechanic of pulling crates and barrels is nice, it's only utilized a couple times, and it's quite difficult to control properly.
  • The final section, A Leap of Faith, is pretty dull and uneventful. A lot more could have happened during the final sequence.
  • Most of the bad points from the original Half-Life hold true with this game.


  • The game engine has quite a few bugs:
    • For many players, the game won't even launch. I've created a guide for getting it to work.
    • If you click the left-mouse-button while reloading to speed the game along after dying, your character will sometimes be stuck in autofire mode when the game reloads because the LMB is also the default shoot button).
    • When in scripted motion, like riding in an elevator or walking along a path, NPC animation is a quite jittery.
  • The jumping and pushing controls are pretty awful. The double crane puzzle early on took me about 10 minutes to complete, not because I couldn't figure out what to do, but because I was wrestling with the controls. It was so hard to push the crate and barrel in the correct alignment, jump on them without knocking them out of alignment, and get both the cranes at the correct height, all while not falling off the sides. This never should have made it through testing.


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