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Album cover.

Gutterflower is the seventh studio album by the Goo Goo Dolls. It was published on CD on 2002-04-09 and and produced by Rob Cavallo and the band. The songs are mostly a mix of alternative rock with a more polished studio sound than previous albums and the themes are about commercialism, relationships, and self-reflection. The album is mostly Johnny Rzeznik's work and all the album's singles consist of his songs.


After Dizzy Up the Girl took over my CD player in the late 1990s, I was eager to hear more from the band. Unfortunately, I wasn't as impressed with their earlier albums, and I had little interest in the compilation album released as the band worked on this album. When Gutterflower finally was released, I was initially put off by the heavy studio polish put on the songs, but, after I listened to it for awhile, the songs begun to grow on me and this became my third favorite album by the band. However, years later, after learning that Johnny Rzeznik took money from his drummer and fired the other for wanting to take care of his newborn, the songs critical of commercialism and greed now sound less like criticism and more like projection.

I own this album on CD.

Track Listing

Track Title Composers Lead Vocals Rank Rating
01 Big Machine Johnny Rzeznik Johnny Rzeznik 5 Rating-6.svg
02 Think About Me Johnny Rzeznik Johnny Rzeznik 8 Rating-5.svg
03 Here Is Gone Johnny Rzeznik Johnny Rzeznik 1 Rating-7.svg
04 You Never Know Robby Takac Robby Takac 10 Rating-3.svg
05 What a Scene Johnny Rzeznik Johnny Rzeznik 2 Rating-7.svg
06 Up, Up, Up Robby Takac Robby Takac 9 Rating-3.svg
07 It's Over Johnny Rzeznik Johnny Rzeznik 6 Rating-6.svg
08 Sympathy Johnny Rzeznik Johnny Rzeznik 3 Rating-7.svg
09 What Do You Need? Johnny Rzeznik Johnny Rzeznik 4 Rating-6.svg
10 Smash Robby Takac Robby Takac 12 Rating-1.svg
11 Tucked Away Robby Takac Robby Takac 11 Rating-3.svg
12 Truth Is a Whisper Johnny Rzeznik Johnny Rzeznik 7 Rating-5.svg

The album's total score is 337.



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