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Green Day in the 1990s.

Green Day is an American punk rock band. In 1986, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt formed a band called Sweet Children, but they changed their name to Green Day in 1989. Drummer Tré Cool began working with the band in 1990.


I remember hearing about Green Day in 1994 in middle school shortly after their album Dookie came out. A lot of kids in school loved it, but, at the time, I eschewed anything popular, so I didn't give it a chance and made fun of it whenever it came on the radio. I have a few snapshot memories of the band after that like seeing the music video for Redundant on MTV, and listening to some of the songs with my high school girlfriend in 1998, but they mostly stayed off my radar. Around 2002 I started using Kazaa, and downloaded some of their more popular songs. I started to like a lot of their music, and began adding them into my rotation. By the time American Idiot came out, I liked them enough to start buying their albums. Despite them having become one of my favorite bands, I still feel like a fake fan because it took me so long to appreciate them compared to most of my friends growing up, and because I prefer their 2000s music over their 1990s music.



Studio Albums

Released Title Own Rank Notes
1990-04-13 39/Smooth
1991-12-17 Kerplunk
1994-02-01 Dookie Yes 2
1995-10-10 Insomniac 6
1997-10-14 Nimrod Yes 3
2002-10-03 Warning 5
2004-09-21 American Idiot Yes 1
2009-05-15 21st Century Breakdown Yes 4
2012-09-25 ¡Uno!
2012-11-13 ¡Dos!
2012-12-11 ¡Tré!
2016-10-07 Revolution Radio


This is a list of some of my favorite Green Day songs. For all their songs, see Green Day Songs.



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