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Golden Earring in 1973.

Golden Earring was a Dutch rock band which formed in 1961. The band originally called themselves "The Tornados," but, upon learning there was already a band with that name, switched to "The Golden Earrings." They changed to "Golden Earrings" in 1967, and just "Golden Earring" in 1969. Although the band members are Dutch and speak Dutch as their native language, their songs are recorded in English. The band began playing popular rock 'n roll, but, in the late 1960s, expanded into psychedelic rock, hard rock, and progressive rock. Through the 1970s, the played less psychedelic rock, focusing more on hard rock and progressive rock. In the 1980s and 1990s they mostly played hard rock. They found international recognition in 1973 when their song Radar Love became a hit in several nations, and saw additional popularity in 1982 with the song, Twilight Zone. Throughout the band's career they released 25 albums and had 30 singles in the Dutch top ten charts. The band officially broke up on 2021-02-05 after founding member George Kooymans announced that he had ALS.


I remember the first time I heard a Golden Earring song. It was around 1996 and I was riding in a car with my father and brother at night. My father played the song Radar Love it in my brother's car at top volume. I remember immediately liking the song, though I misheard the lyrics as "red-eye love." I told my co-worker about the song, and he said he knew the song, and corrected me that it was "radar love." I also told my cousin Brian about it, who discovered the band's name. I remember thinking their name sounded dumb, but, wanting to have the song in my collection, I asked for it as a gift, and received the US re-release of Moontan. Later, I bought The Continuing Story of Radar Love. I never really sought out any additional music by the band.


The band has rotated various members over the years, but the primary members were:


Studio Albums

Released Title
1965-??-?? Just Ear-rings
1967-01-27 Winter-Harvest
1968-??-?? Miracle Mirror
1969-04-?? On the Double
1969-11-?? Eight Miles High
1970-09-?? Golden Earring
1971-09-?? Seven Tears
1972-06-?? Together
1973-07-?? Moontan
1975-03-?? Switch
1976-01-?? To the Hilt
1976-??-?? Contraband
1978-??-?? Grab It for a Second
1979-07-?? No Promises...No Debts
1980-10-?? Prisoner of the Night
1982-08-?? Cut
1984-03-?? N.E.W.S.
1986-05-?? The Hole
1989-05-08 Keeper of the Flame
1991-04-19 Bloody Buccaneers
1994-??-?? Face It
1995-??-?? Love Sweat
1999-04-12 Paradise in Distress
2003-02-?? Millbrook U.S.A.
2012-05-11 Tits 'n Ass


This is a list of some of my favorite songs by Golden Earring. For all her songs, see Golden Earring Songs.



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