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North American box art.

God of Thunder is an action adventure game developed by Adept Software and published by Software Creations for MS-DOS in 1993. The game was later published by Impulse Software, then released as freeware, and finally released as open source by the developer.

You control Thor who must defeat the minions of Asgard by wielding his mighty hammer, Mjölnir. The game engine is similar to The Legend of Zelda with a screen-based top-down over world and underground passages that used a pseudo side-view platform look. The dialogue in the game is pretty funny.


I encountered God of Thunder on a shareware collection CD (around 1995) and found the game to be quite enjoyable. My cousin and I beat the first episode, but never bought the rest of the game. When I later found that the game had been released as freeware, I played through the other two episodes.

I have a freeware copy, but I never bought the game. I have beaten all three episodes.


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Best Version: DOS

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game engine is pretty solid and has enough complexity to be interesting.
  • Having things like pushable blocks, rolling rocks, lock and key gates, and the like allow for some particularly clever puzzles.
  • The script is pretty funny. There are lots of jokes from puns, to dirty jokes, to breaking the 4th wall.
  • Though dated, even when it was released, the graphics, sound, and music are pretty good.
  • Roy Davis's soundtrack is well-composed.
  • The game offers a pretty good challenge, while not requiring you to have to worry about lives.


  • When the game came out, it looked and sounded dated. The SNES had already been out for two years, so tiled graphics and AdLib music was way behind the times. And the game doesn't break any new ground with gameplay either.


  • Nothing.


Box Art






God of Thunder is now freeware and open source. This archive contains all shareware and registered versions and the source code.


Role Staff
Programmer Ron Davis
Graphics Gary Sirois
Level Design Adam Pedersen
Additional Programming, Audio Programming Jason Blochowiak
Music Roy Davis
Title Screen Art Wayne C. Timmerman
Additional Level Design Ron Davis, Doug Howell, Ken Heckbert, Evan Heckbert


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