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The original Game Boy.

Game Boy is a portable handheld video game console created by Nintendo and released in Japan and the USA in 1989.

I first saw one during recess in elementary school, an older boy had one and was playing Super Mario Land. The very first time I played a Game Boy was during my fifth grade cast party of the Nutcracker Suite I was in, when I played Nintendo's Tennis. Later, my brother stole a Game Boy from a classmate in high school and I played Tetris on it before he either sold it or gave it back. I never did get a Game Boy, but I always wanted one even though I knew it was inferior to my coveted NES.

Later in my life, after Game Boy emulators matured, I started familiarizing myself with the catalog of games for the system and found that, other than about a dozen games, the bulk of the library was garbage. So, now I'm glad that I never did get a Game Boy, as the cost of batteries and money wasted on lame games would have prevented me from getting more games for the NES (though, I did buy a lot of trash games on the NES too).


I do not own, or have ever owned, a Game Boy.

Favorite Games

Of the games I've played on the system, I have particularly enjoyed:



  • The Game Boy is pretty comfortable in your hand.
  • Using a grayscale LCD was a good choice for saving battery life.
  • The system had stereo sound (through headphones) which was impressive at the time.
  • Most of Nintendo's first-party games were superb, and a couple of third-party games were also good.
  • The system was engineered very well, for everyone I know who held onto their Game Boy, they still work nearly 30 years later.


  • The LCD, though a necessary trade-off for battery life, looks pretty bad, and has a slow refresh rate causing blurring.
  • Most of the games released on the platform are pretty terrible, and most of the good games were just weaker ports from existing NES games.


  • Nothing