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Game Boy is a portable videogame console created by Nintendo. I first saw one during recess in elementary school, and older boy had one and was playing Super Mario Land. The very first time I played a Game Boy was during a Nutcracker Suite cast party in elementary school. Later, my brother stole one from one of his friends and I played Tetris on it. I never did get a Game Boy, but I always wanted one.

Later in my life, after Game Boy emulators matured, I started playing games for the system and found that, other than a few gems made by Nintendo, the bulk of the library was garbage. So, now I'm glad that I never did get a Game Boy, as the cost of batteries and money wasted on lame games would have prevented me from getting more games for the NES.

Favorite Games

Of the games I've played on the system, I have particularly enjoyed:



  • The Game Boy is pretty comfortable in your hand.
  • Using an LCD was a good choice for saving battery life.
  • The system had stereo sound (through headphones) which was impressive.
  • Most of Nintendo's first-party games were superb, and a couple of third-party games were also good.
  • The system was engineered very well, for everyone I know who held onto their Game Boy all these years, it still works.


  • The LCD, though a necessary trade-off for battery life, looks pretty bad, has a slow refresh rate.
  • The platform has a huge pile of terrible games, and most of the good games were just ports from existing NES games.