Final Fantasy VI

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Final Fantasy VI, originally released in the USA as Final Fantasy III is a role-playing by Squaresoft. It is my favorite title in the Final Fantasy series, probably my favorite SNES game, and one of my favorite videogames over all.



  • The game is pretty much the apex of quality for the traditional 2-D basic RPG.
  • There are several parts of the story that are quite emotional.
  • The graphics are beautiful and amazingly well-compact for an SNES game.
  • This game features some of the best videogame music to date, and surpasses much of what came after it.
  • Combat is highly varied and allows for all sorts of different strategies.
  • When played at a normal pace, the game doesn't require very much grinding, but for those who find the game too difficult, you can always grind levels, spells, items, etc. to become more powerful.
  • There are so many items, spells, special abilities, etc. that you can make all sorts of unexpected combinations.
  • There is a large cast of characters to find in the game, even a couple optional ones, and most of the them have pretty fleshed-out story lines.


  • Though the story has several great moments, is riddled with plot holes. And while the game was meant for a younger crowd, a lot of the jokes and plot-elements were more juvenile than they needed to be.
  • Even with the items in the game to reduce random encounters, there are far too many.
  • There are several programming bugs that affect game play. Dark doesn't hurt people, Evade doesn't check properly, Sketch is pretty buggy, etc. Nothing is game-breaking, but they do create noticeable problems.
  • Most of the game's spells (like muddle, poison, float, etc.) are under-powered and have no applicable use. Others (like break, doom, x-zone, etc.) fail so often, that they're not worth using. Also, a lot of the global spells you get later in the game (quake, w.wind, merton, etc.) require a lot of work to make them usable and aren't worth the effort when you could just cast ultima all the time.
  • A lot of the character's special abilities (Dance, Slot, Sketch, Rage, etc.) are so unreliable that they're not worth using.
  • While the large quantity of items, spells, etc. is great for finding new and better strategies, it also becomes a nightmare for finding what you're looking for, especially since nothing is alphabetized. Trying to equip non-optimal equipment or finding a ninja star for Shadow's throw ability becomes a hassle.


  • Nothing.