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Fiction refers to creative media that is imaginary as opposed to factual. Traditionally, fiction is writing in books using narrative form in prose including novels, novellas, and short stories. However, the definition has been expanded over the years to include other forms of media like movies, television shows, radio dramas, theatre, video games, comics, and the like. Fiction comes from ancient story telling, which was often a combination of fiction and non-fiction, however the two have since diverged.


I've always loved fiction, but I often feel like I'm wasting my time reading it when I could be reading non-fiction and learning something, so I have to remind myself that good fiction allows us to speculate on concepts like human interaction, unique perspectives, and thought experiments, that can't so easily, or ethically, be done in non-fiction.



This is a list of fiction books that are important to me. For all fiction books, see the category.





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