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North American box art.

Excitebike is a side-scrolling dirt bike racing game made by Nintendo and released for the NES on 1984-11-30, then ported to a several other platforms. A 2-player split-screen version was made for the Famicom Disk System which included the ability to save your custom tracks and times.

I think the very first time I played it was at my babysitter's house in Pontiac (around 1985). I didn't own this game growing up, but several of my friends had the game, and I always enjoyed playing it. What interested me most was the ability to create your own tracks, though I always wished there was a way to save them.


I own this game for the NES, and have come in first place on each track in Mode A.


  • Overall: 4/10
  • Best Version: Vs. Excitebike for Famicom Disk System

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • For awhile at least, the game is a lot of fun.
  • Being able to design your own tracks is a fantastic addition that more games should have had at the time.
  • The Vs. version for the FDS basically makes the game complete. It allows two player competitive split screen, lets you to save your tracks, logs your best times, has more pre-made tracks, and adds more music and cut-scenes.
  • Requiring the player to not only keep their bike oriented properly, but also manage heat, was a good way to make the game more involved.
  • I like how the game changes the palette for each new track.


  • The graphics and music are pretty dull.
  • The color palette of stage 5 makes it difficult to see the track. It's also a shame that you can't choose a from a selection of palettes in the track designer.
  • I wish the game actually implemented an AI for the other bikers rather than just throw them randomly on the screen.


  • The game is too short. Five stages isn't nearly enough to keep players occupied.
  • The game really needs to be a two player game. I understand that a split screen just wasn't feasible on the hardware at the time, but it really hurts the game to only be one-player.
  • The non-working save and load options that were left in the game were such a tease. The developers should have removed them before releasing the game.


Box Art






The original game doesn't have credits, but NES Virtual Console, official sound tracks, and Vs. high score lists help identify several of the developers.

Role Staff
Executive Producer Hiroshi Yamauchi
Director Shigeru Miyamoto
Producer Shigeru Miyamoto
Programmer Toshihiko Nakago
Graphic Designers Minoru Maeda, Takashi Tezuka
Music Composer Akito Nakatsuka
Audio Programmer Yukio Kaneoka


Language Native Transliteration Translation
English Excitebike
Japanese エキサイトバイク Ekisaitobaiku Excitebike


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