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Eve 6, circa 2014.

Eve 6 is an American alternative rock group that formed in Southern California in 1995. For most of the band's life it was comprised of Max Collins, Tony Fagenson, and Jon Siebels. For nearly all of their songs, Collins writes lyrics, sings, and plays bass, Fagenson plays drums, and Siebels plays guitar.

I first heard Eve 6 from the song Inside Out played by a friend of mine, and while I thought the song was quite catchy, my attitude was biased against all pop music at the time. I later heard them again when another friend of mine was listening to Horrorscope, which I also liked. I still didn't seek them out until years later when I downloaded their music on Kazaa and really started to like them. Their powerful sound and playful lyrics caused them to rapidly became one of my favorite bands. It was only then that I found out they had recently broken up 2004. I still bought their first three albums and really enjoyed each of them. When I heard about the formation of The Sugi Tap on MySpace, I started getting excited for a possible tour, and was thrilled when they re-formed as Eve 6 to begin touring again.

I first saw them on 2008-08-24 at the welcoming ceremony for the new class at Central Michigan University where they were hired to open the new school year. They didn't yet have their original line up and will touring with Bill Blair on guitar. Still, the show was a lot of fun, and the huge crowd of new college students made it a blast to watch. For the song How Much Longer, the band brought up a random student in the audience to play bass while Max sung. I bought a shirt and had the band sign an album cover I brought just in case I caught up with them, and luckily they did a meet and greet afterward. I saw them a second time at The Whiting in Flint on 2010-04-08. The indoor theater wasn't the proper venue for an alternative rock group, but I showed up early and got to sit in the front row. I also met Joani, another fan who I became friends with while waiting in line. After the concert, I met the band and had them sign my other two albums. I saw them a third time, with their original line up, on 2012-05-22 at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit where they were promoting their new album Speak In Code. I paid extra for early access, and met the band and had them sign their new album and the live album. I also had Jon Siebels sing each of the previous albums now that he was back in the band. They even let one of the early access holders sing a song on stage as they backed him up, it was really cool. My fourth concert of theirs was on 2018-12-07, again at St. Andrews Hall with Ben Hilzinger now on drums. The tour was for the 20th anniversary of their debut album. And they sung all the songs off the album in order, including Jesus Nitelite which I had never heard them play until that point. Unfortunately, Max was trying something different with his vocals, and they sounded a bit strained, but the concert was a lot of fun because Joani was there again and we got to catch up from the concert from years before.

One of the things I've especially loved about the band is that they have always been willing to meet with their fans after or before shows. Most artists I've seen live, unless they're fairly unknown, will disappear after a concert, but all four times I've seen Eve 6 live, they've always provided a way for their fans to meet them, either through early access, or by a meet-and-greet afterward.


Released Album Title Type Own?
1996-??-?? Eleventeen Demo No
1998-04-28 Eve 6 Studio Yes, signed by each member.
2000-07-25 Horrorscope Studio Yes, signed by each member.
2003-07-22 It's All In Your Head Studio Yes, signed by each member.
2010-??-?? Extended Versions Live Yes, signed by each member.
2012-04-24 Speak In Code Studio Yes, signed by each member.


This is a list of some of my favorite Eve 6 songs. For all their songs, see Eve 6 Songs.


Set Lists

St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, Michigan

This was the 20th Anniversary of the self-titled album, so they sung the entire album before doing other hits. I was especially pleased because it meant hearing Jesus Nitelite, a favorite which they hadn't played in the previous three times I saw them.

  1. How Much Longer
  2. Inside Out
  3. Leech
  4. Shower Head - Max explained he named this after getting head in the shower, a title he thought was clever at the time
  5. Open Road Song
  6. Jesus Nitelite
  7. Super Hero Girl
  8. Tongue Tied
  9. Saturday Night
  10. There's a Face
  11. Small Town Trap - Max said he grew up in a small town
  12. Amphetamines
  13. Promise
  14. Curtain - Said it was his favorite song off Speak In Code
  15. Think Twice
  16. Anytime - Mocked the movie Out Cold
  17. On the Roof
  18. Here's to the Night


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