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CD cover.

Echo is the tenth studio album by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, released on 1999-04-13 on CD, cassette, and vinyl. The album was produced by Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, and Rick Rubin. Like his previous albums, the music is mostly heartland rock.

Tom Petty made a bold decision at the time by releasing the album's first single Free Girl Now for free online, being only the second major artist to do so. Unfortunately, his publisher, Warner Bros., hated the idea and forced him to take it down after only two days.


My older brother and sister both became interested in Tom Petty because of our father, and, though I didn't have much interest in music through my early teens, after Queen got me into music and I bought most of their albums, I started buying albums from other artists I was familiar with. After hearing an interview with Petty on the radio talking about his latest album, I bought Echo (I think at a Best Buy). I initially didn't care for the album finding most of the songs too simple or repetitive, but, as I listened to it more, two of the songs — Echo and Room at the Top — really resonated with me and are now among my favorite Petty songs.

I own this album on CD.

Track Listing

All songs are sung by Tom Petty except track 10.

Track Title Writer Rank Rating
01 Room at the Top Tom Petty 2 Rating-8.svg
02 Counting on You Tom Petty 5 Rating-2.svg
03 Free Girl Now Tom Petty 11 Rating-1.svg
04 Lonesome Sundown Tom Petty 3 Rating-5.svg
05 Swingin' Tom Petty 4 Rating-4.svg
06 Accused of Love Tom Petty 6 Rating-2.svg
07 Echo Tom Petty 1 Rating-9.svg
08 Won't Last Long Tom Petty 12 Rating-1.svg
09 Billy the Kid Tom Petty 13 Rating-1.svg
10 I Don't Wanna Fight Mike Campbell 15 Rating-1.svg
11 This One's for Me Tom Petty 7 Rating-2.svg
12 No More Tom Petty 8 Rating-2.svg
13 About to Give Out Tom Petty 9 Rating-2.svg
14 Rhino Skin Tom Petty 14 Rating-1.svg
15 One More Day, One More Night Tom Petty 10 Rating-2.svg

The album's total score is 425.



The album photo is missing Howie Epstein who didn't show up for the shoot, and later died of a heroin overdose. It's also the first cover to feature the newest member, Scott Thurston.



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