Drawing Down the Moon

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Album cover.

Drawing Down the Moon is the fourth studio album of Azure Ray released on 2010-09-14 and produced by Eric Bachmann. The album's music is primarily indie dream pop. The band had taken an almost seven year break after the release of their previous album before regrouping for this one.


Having really enjoyed the previous three albums by the band, I was eager to hear this album when it came out. As is typical for me with this band, I had to listen to each of the songs about a dozen times before they really started to stick in my head, but, once they did, I enjoyed them all. This ended up becoming my second favorite album by the band. Like with most of Azure Ray's music, I like it well enough when I'm in a normal mood, but, when I'm in a more forlorn mood, I absolutely love it.

I own this album on CD.

Track listing

All songs written by Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink. The album credits both equally for vocals, but I believe Taylor sings lead on the majority of the album's tracks. I'd like to fill in the column with the lead, but I can't discern their individual voices well enough to do so. If someone who is more adept is able to do so, please offer help.

Track Title Rank Rating
1 Wake Up, Sleepyhead 12 Rating-1.svg
2 Don't Leave My Mind 2 Rating-6.svg
3 In the Fog 5 Rating-5.svg
4 Larraine 1 Rating-6.svg
5 On and on Again 3 Rating-6.svg
6 Make Your Heart 11 Rating-4.svg
7 Silver Sorrow 8 Rating-5.svg
8 Signs in the Leaves 6 Rating-5.svg
9 Love and Permanence 10 Rating-4.svg
10 Shouldn't Have Loved 4 Rating-5.svg
11 Dancing Ghosts 7 Rating-5.svg
12 Walking in Circles 9 Rating-5.svg

The album's total score is 209.



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