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A Dragon Quest logo.

The Dragon Quest universe (originally released as Dragon Warrior in the USA) began with a Famicom game in 1986. It has since exploded into a collection of over 40 games including spin-off series like Dragon Quest Monsters. The universe has also grown to include manga, cartoons, and game books.

My own experience with Dragon Quest is very limited. I've beaten the first game with a maxed out character, played the second game about half-way through, and then only dabbled in the third and fourth games. After realizing how necessary grinding is to the games, my interest in the series dropped off significantly.


Core Video Games

Dragon Quest Monsters Series

Mystery Dungeon Series

Slime Series

Other Video Games

Game Books

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, several game books were made based on the Dragon Quest games.


Other Books

TV Series

Important People


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