Dear Friends

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B-side of 1975 single, Keep Yourself Alive.

Dear Friends is a simple piano ballad by Queen. The song was recorded between July and September in 1974 at AIR, Rockfield, Trident, and Wessex Sound studios and was first released as track B3 on Sheer Heart Attack on 1974-11-01.

The song and lyrics were composed by Brian May, it was sung by Freddie Mercury, and features piano by Brian May. The song is only over a minute in length and uses a simple structure.

The song was also included in the compilations, Queen Forever, Queen 40, and has been covered by several artists including Def Leppard, Valensia, Robby Valentine, and Jeff Scott Soto.

I first heard this song in the mid-1990s after buying Sheer Heart Attack. Listeners have described it as a song about death, but, to me, it sounds more like a song about breakup. In spite of the song being so short and simple, I really like it because of its positive message. The opening verse is just Freddie's vocals with Brian's piano, but the second verse adds backing vocals by Freddie which add an uplifting element to the song.


So dear friends, your love is gone.
Only tears to dwell upon.
I dare not say as the wind must blow,
So a love is lost,
A love is won.

Go to sleep and dream again.
Soon your hopes will rise and then,
From all this gloom life can start anew,
And there'll be no crying soon.