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Custom Achievements are video game achievements for games that don't have them. These achievements are meant to be both challenging and fun to achieve and serve as a way to give older games more replay value while, at the same time, requiring you learn more about the game in the process. They are not meant to be trivial, tedious, obvious, or include something that most players would ordinarily do during a typical play-through.

The web site has a similar idea, unfortunately, the vast majority of their achievements are neither difficult nor clever (for example, for the game Super Mario Bros., they have an achievement for getting a mushroom, a fire flower, a star man, a 1-up, etc.).

Game Boy

Super Mario Land

  • Beat hard mode by playing a second time around.


  • Complete a B-Type game on level 9 with a high of 5.


Golden Axe

  • Defeat the skeletons accompanying Death Bringer.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • See the true ending by getting all six chaos emeralds.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Bionic Commando

  • Beat Area 4 without using flare bombs.
  • Collect all guns, armor, and items.
  • Reach the top room in Area 3.
  • Escape the base with 40 or more seconds left on the clock.

A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia

  • Collect all 21 underground treasures.


  • Destroy every turret in the game.
  • Finish the game without any weapon enhancements.


  • Beat the game with over $10,000,000.


  • Beat the record time on all tracks in Mode A.
  • Beat the record time on all tracks in Mode B.

Final Fantasy

  • Solve the slider puzzle.
  • Defeat the Warmech.

The Goonies II

  • Collect 100% of the items and rescue all the Goonies.
  • Cross the bridge without losing your boomerang.

The Legend of Zelda

  • Collect 100% of items, hearts, etc.
  • Beat the second quest.
  • Collect 100% of items, hearts, etc. in the second quest.

Mega Man 2

  • Defeat Crashman with only the Mega Buster.
  • Complete Quickman's stage without using the Time Stopper.
  • Complete Heatman's stage without Item-2.
  • Collect all eight energy tanks.


  • Collect every item, energy capsule, and missile.
  • Finish the game fast enough to see the best ending.
  • Find and defeat "Mini Kraid."

River City Ransom

  • Find Merlin's Mystery Shop.
  • Meet Cyndi, Alex's girlfriend.


  • Collect both the Flash Bomb and Crush Ball.
  • Defeat all section generators and bosses to obtain 99 max energy.

Super C

  • Destroy every turret in the game.
  • Finish the game without any weapon enhancements.

Super Mario Bros.

  • Complete all 32 levels without warping or farming 1-ups.
  • Kill Bowser with fireballs in 8-4.
  • Find "minus world".
  • Jump the flagpole.
  • Beat hard mode by playing a second time around.

Super Mario Bros. 2

  • Complete the entire game without warps.
  • Finish each level with each character.

Super Mario Bros. 3

  • Find the blue 1-up mushroom.
  • 100% complete, no warps.

Tecmo Super Bowl

  • Beat the game as the Patriots.
  • Beat the game as the Colts.


  • Complete a B-Type game on level 9 with a height of 5.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

  • Collect 100% of the items, hearts, etc.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Chrono Trigger

  • Beat all of the Millennial Fair games.
  • Get the best trial outcome (3 days solitary confinement).
  • Get the best jetbike race endings (5 full ethers).
  • Save Lucca's mother.
  • Win Crono 15 cats.

Final Fantasy III

  • Deliver all the injured soldier's letters.
  • Discover the chainsaw.
  • Receive the Charm Bangle after the Imperial Banquet.
  • Keep Cid alive.
  • Obtain Gogo and Umaro as party members.
  • Find all party members in the World of Ruin.
  • Find Gau's father.
  • Watch all five dreams of Shadow and learn his past.
  • Obtain the Raiden magicite.
  • Defeat all eight legendary dragons.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

  • Collect 100% of the items, hearts, upgrades, etc.
  • Make the cuccos attack.
  • Catch the Good Bee.
  • Find the Chris Houlihan room.
  • Save a fish and sell a fish.
  • Make a chicken talk.

Secret of Mana

  • See the centerfold in a Mystic Book.
  • Find both mysterious faces.
  • Re-enter Potos village.
  • Kill Karon.


  • Complete all scenarios.
  • Reach a megalopolis on a standard map.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

  • Beat the game as Zangief.

Super Mario World

  • Find all 96 exits.
  • Find all seven 3-up moons.
  • Kill a Big Boo with a slide attack.
  • Beat the Special levels and change the season to autumn.

Super Metroid

  • Rescue your trapped friends during the escape.