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Cruel is a video game version of the solitaire card game Perseverance. The program was developed by Ken Sykes and was published by Microsoft in their Microsoft Entertainment Pack For Windows for Windows 3 in 1990.

My first experience with Cruel was on my family's Packard Bell 386SX computer my parents bought back in 1991. The PC was a floor model which came loaded with software including the first Entertainment Pack. It took me awhile to understand how to play Cruel solitaire and how, unlike Klondike, suits must match. Once I figured out the rules, I played the game until I beat it, and didn't care much for it after that.


I do not own this game, but I have beaten it.


  • Overall: 2/10
  • Best Version: Windows 3

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The game accurately enforces the basic rules of Perseverance solitaire.


  • Games are very short and an optimal strategy can be learned after only a few plays.


  • There is little in the way of media. There is no music, sound, no animation, and even the ugly custom deck backs rarely make an appearance. There isn't anything in the way of a title screen or ending.



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