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1st edition US hardcover.

Contact is a science fiction novel by Carl Sagan published in September 1985. It's about a young astronomer searching for evidence of extra-terrestrial life and finding it in the form of an encoded message and the government and media craze as the message is decoded to be instructions to build some sort of space transportation device.

My first experience with Contact was from seeing the movie shortly after it came out. I really liked it, but my friend Nick explained that it was terrible compared to the book. Years later, I saw a first edition hardcover on sale at the Montrose Blueberry Festival and bought it for $1. I started to read it with apprehension, not believing an astronomer could write a compelling work of fiction, but I quickly found myself really being drawn into the book and loved it.


I have a first edition hardcover and have read it.


It's been too long since I read this book to give it a proper review. I do remember really enjoying it.