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USA SNES cover.

Chrono Trigger is a role-playing game developed and published by Square for the SNES on 1995-03-11. In the game, the player controls a party of adventurers who, after an incident involving time travel, discover that the world is destined to be destroyed, and attempt to stop it. The game uses an interesting combat mechanic which merges the action aspects of Secret of Mana and the turn-based strategy of Final Fantasy VI.

I saw Chrono Trigger at a friend's house shortly after it was released, and, for several years later, a various friends had the game, and I watched them play it. It looked very interesting, but, since it is a one-player RPG, I never played it myself at the time. I bought a boxed version in the early 2000s for a decent price, and made an attempt to play it, but didn't get too far. Then, in 2011, I actually sat down and played the entire game through beating it across multiple endings, and thoroughly loved it.


I own a boxed SNES game and have beaten the first play-through three different ways.



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