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Christmas-themed Video games are those video games which are entirely or partially based on the Christmas holiday. Because Christmas is the most popular holiday in most Western nations, a lot of video games refer to the holiday or are entirely built around it.


As a child, I really loved the various aspects of Christmas holiday, and, as I became more and more interested in video games, I loved to see Christmas themes showing up in the games I loved. In the mid 1990s, I remember noticing several MS-DOS games were being released with Christmas themes. These were usually just demos or level packs with altered graphics and music, but I still loved them. There is just something about taking a video game universe and injecting Christmas themes into it that appeals to me.


This isn't meant to be an exhaustive list, just those that are important to me.

Title Description
Doodle Jump Includes both Christmas and winter themed skins.
Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1994 Epic MegaGames published several Christmas-themed Jazz Jackrabbit games, but this was the only one I played. It's only three levels, but it has fantastic graphics.
Jetpack: Christmas Special Essentially just a reskin of Jetpack with some new levels.
SkyRoads: Xmas Special This is more a level pack of mostly hard roads. A few backgrounds are different, but there is no new audio.
Xmas Lemmings Each winter from 1991-1994, DMA Design released a Christmas-themed Lemmings game. The first two were just short demos used to promote Oh No! More Lemmings, but the later two were full games. They featured new graphics with the lemmings wearing adorable Santa costumes.

Minor Appearances

Title Description
A Computer Christmas Sierra sent out this non-playable Christmas demo to retailers to help promote their games.
Secret of Mana Rudolf tells you that Santa is missing. When you reach the ice palace, you discover he has been turned into a Frost Gigas because children no longer believe in him.
Ultima Online For Christmas one year, players were awarded with items if they had a good alignment, and coal if they had an evil alignment.


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