Cave Story

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Fan Art.

Cave Story is an action-adventure platform game. Your character finds himself in an underground cave system amid intelligent bunny-like characters who are being abducted and enslaved by an evil doctor from the surface. You quickly become mixed up in the scheme and try your best to save them.


I own Cave Story+ and have beaten it on easy difficulty.


Overall: 8/10


  • The story is a bit cartoonish, but fun and exciting.
  • The music is wonderful, especially with the remastered music in Cave Story+.
  • The graphics and art are really quite beautiful, again, even better in the upgrade.
  • The fact that the low-res game is free is also a bonus.


  • While they packed an awful lot into the game, it still feels too short.
  • In easy mode at least, most of the bosses are -very- easy and can be defeated with the following strategy: Switch to missiles, get close, shoot rapidly, boss dies.


  • Nothing. A well-made game all-around.