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Bullfrog's logo.

Bullfrog Productions, Ltd., known more commonly as Bullfrog, was a British video game development company founded in 1987 by Les Edgar and Peter Molyneux. They released several unique and successful games causing them to grow in popularity. In 1995, the company was acquired by their publisher, Electronic Arts, which required them to accelerate their game creation schedule. Many of the developers felt this was ruining their ability to produce quality games, and ended up leaving to start a new company, Lionhead Studios, while others left for other companies. After scaring away most of the creative talent, EA closed the company in 2001.

The first game Bullfrog made that I heard about was Populous. I saw it referred to as the "god" game, which, despite thinking it was blasphemous because I was still a Christian at the time, I was intrigued by the game. I saw the title in gaming magazines, but never played it when it was popular. The first Bullfrog game I actually played was Magic Carpet, which impressed me a great deal. My friend Kevin got it and we played it at his house frequently. Later, he would get Magic Carpet 2, and we played that a lot as well. My cousin Brian had a demo of Theme Park which we played a fair amount, and I think he bought the game at some point because I remember him building a full park which I don't think was possible in the demo. Years later, I bought a discount version of Magic Carpet 2 and beat it. I also got Dungeon Keeper and was quite impressed with it for the first dozen levels or so, but I eventually became bored and stopped playing. I know I watched someone play a demo version of Syndicate and thought it looked cool, but I never played it much myself. I've also heard good things about Powermonger, Theme Hospital, and Dungeon Keeper 2, but I haven't played any of them.


These are the games Bullfrog developed that are important to me.




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