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North American NES box art.

Bubble Bobble, known in Japan as バブルボブル [Baburu Boburu], "Bubble Bobble", is a single-screen action game developed and published by Taito, originally in the arcade in 1986, and then ported to over a dozen platforms.

I first saw Bubble Bobble in an NES strategy guide, and, from a screenshot I assumed the end boss was on level 50. Only later, after playing the game with the daughter of one of my mother's clients, did I realize that the end boss was on level 100, and it was his hit points that I was reading which replace the level in the display.


I have beaten the NES port and received the bad ending (one-player mode).


  • Overall: 3/10
  • Best Version: ?


  • The dinosaur kids, Bub and Bob, are both cute characters for the game, and many of the monsters are also adorable enemies.
  • The main music theme is quite hummable.
  • Several of the levels have a creative layout that not only look cool, but take advantage of the game engine.


  • The sound gets pretty annoying pretty quickly.
  • For a game that is so easy, the end boss is importunately difficult.


  • The game is highly repetitive. After only a few minutes, you've seen pretty much everything the game has to offer. It would be better paced at about 30 levels.

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