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Super TextTwist was a popular browser game in 2001.

A browser game is a video game designed to run in a Web browser. Games of this nature are usually in a page of HTML with CSS, and written in JavaScript, Unity, or one of many other frameworks that has browser support. It used to be popular for browser games to be written in Flash, Java, or CGI, though none of these are popular anymore. Flash has been discontinued, Java has become less popular for games, and CGI is just antiquated.


As someone who grew up alongside the Internet, I have played browser games from their first generation up until today. In the early years, I found browser games to be unimpressive, as they were typically just variations of Choose Your Own Adventure books, but, after the advent of JavaScript, they become more enjoyable. Then with the Flash boom, a lot of pretty good games were released, though most of them are dead now. I still find the platform to be fairly lacking since, like most platforms which have few barriers to publication, most of the games on it are garbage. However, these days, several programming frameworks make it especially easy to port games to a browser, so there are plenty of great games released in browsers, but, due to the limitations of the Web, most of these ports play better on a computer or video game console.


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These are the browser games that are important to me:


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