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The Bonk series is a collection of video games and manga developed primarily by Red Company and Atlus and published by Hudson Soft. The series is based on the hero Bonk, a young cave man who uses his hard round head to bash his enemies. There is also a futuristic hero named Zonk who appears in a couple games. The original Japanese name of the series is "PC-Genjin" which is a play on words as the game was first developed on the PC-Engine and Genjin is the Japanese word for cave men. In Europe, the games were titled, "B.C. Kid."

The franchise now belongs to Konami who acquired Hudson Soft in 2012.


I first played a Bonk game in the early 1990s when I was at the house of my brother's friend who owned a TurboGrafx-16. I only played it once for a short while and didn't play anything else in the series until the late-1990s when NES emulation became popular, and I played the NES port of Bonk's Adventure, though I didn't put much effort into the game. In 2015, while trying to flesh out my familiarity with the Game Boy, I played and beat the Game Boy port. In 2017, to better familiarize myself with the TurboGrafx-16, I went back and played and beat the original Bonk's Adventure. I didn't find any of these titles to be all that interesting, and, when I tried playing Bonk's Revenge, I found it to be more of the same.


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