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Bonk's Adventure also known as "PC原人, PC Genjin, PC Caveman" in Japan, and "BC Kid" in Europe, is a platform action game originally released on the TurboGrafx-16 in 1989. You play the role of Bonk, a young caveman who uses his comically large head to smash apart enemies. In the story, Za, the Princess of Moonland, and her four subjects have been corrupted by King Drool and banished to the land of Bonk where they are creating havoc. Bonk must free them from King Drool's spell, and then travel to Moonland to defeat King Drool.

Bonk's Adventure was ported to the Amiga, Game Boy, and NES, and then emulated on modern consoles. The Amiga and NES ports are fairly faithful to the original, but the Game Boy port is an amalgam of the original and its sequel Bonk's Revenge.


I've beaten the game on TurboGrafx-16 and Game Boy, and have no desire to play either again.


Overall: 4/10 (TG-16), 3/10 (Game Boy)


  • Overall, for each port, the game play is fun and the graphics and animation are enjoyable to look at.
  • The animation of Bonk is fantastic and quite hilarious. He has his normal vacant smile which changes to an animal when he climbs walls with his teeth. His bugged-out eyes and foaming mouth show his injuries, his head erupts like a volcano when he eats meat, and he becomes a zombie when fully powered up.
  • The very large sprite graphics were quite impressive for 1989.
  • There is enough variation among the monsters and hazards to keep the game fresh through to the end.
  • There are a fair amount of hidden sections which keep the game interesting.


  • The music is pretty dull across all ports.
  • Large portions of the game can be sailed over using the default controller's built-in turbo buttons.
  • Collecting fruit is pretty pointless as it only gives a few points, and you need a lot to earn a free guy.
  • You're given unlimited continues, but when you use one, you lose all your additional hearts. So, if you get a game over at the final boss section, you either have to beat the game with fewer hearts, or restart. Kind of annoying.
  • The Game Boy port is very easy and short. I was able to beat it in a single sitting without ever getting a game over.
  • The Game Boy bosses, although graphically different, employ similar movement patterns, and therefore can be defeated with the same tactics.
  • The Game Boy ending sequence is uninspired.


  • Nothing really.