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Blaster Master is a young adult novelization of the video game Blaster Master, and the first book in the Worlds of Power series. The book is attributed to "A. L. Singer," which was a pen name for Peter Lerangis. It was published by Scholastic in 1990.

My mother allowed me to buy this book from a monthly school book catalog. Although I didn't know anything about the game on which it is based, I knew it was an NES game, and that was enough to enticed me. I enjoyed the book enough that it made me seek out and play the game. It was only then that I learned how little the book had to do with the game.



  • The book is fun and properly geared toward children.
  • The book has a much more interesting backstory than the one found in the game: "boy's pet frog escapes and leads him to radioactive waste where he falls into an underground cavern and steals a futuristic tank."
  • The characters created for the book add important camaraderie to the main character, and allow dialogue to an otherwise dialogue-free game. The character Eve was even ret-conned into later installments of the game!


  • The book uses a lot of artistic license adding to and changing a fair amount of the game.
  • Some of the writing is a bit hokey, but then, it is written for elementary school students.
  • The jokes surrounding Eve's inability to grasp American idioms are pretty bad.
  • The book glosses over the later levels, bosses, and power-ups of the game with a single page.


  • Nothing.