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Benguiat is a serif typeface designed by Ed Benguiat in 1977 and published by the International Typeface Corporation (ITC) in 1978. It is also known as ITC Benguiat, Revival 832, and BG. Although the typeface is quite legible, it is a bit too decorative for large amounts of text and usually employed for titles and logos. Benguiat was used quite a lot in the 1980s on the covers of American horror novels including several by Stephen King. I'm very pleased that the typeface has seen a sort of mini revival after being used in the logo for the TV show Stranger Things.

I first saw Benguiat because it was included with my copy of CorelDRAW 7. I really liked the look of the typeface and, back in 2000, I used it to design the logo of the company where I work. I have since used it in various graphic projects.