Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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I watched the sort-of live-action, but still heavily animated Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson on March 25, 2017. It's a remake of the original Disney Beauty and the Beast animated film.



  • The castle looks pretty awesome.
  • I like that Disney made it clear that Lefou was gay.
  • I like Belle's father more as a serious artist than the bumbling buffoon he is in the animated movie.
  • The beast is pretty decent looking for a fully CGI character.
  • I liked how castle's inhabitants became less human as the petals fell.
  • I appreciated that they added backstory to explain what happened to Belle's mother.


  • Most of the animated furniture characters would fit better in a horror film than a children's movie. They're not nearly as cute as the animated characters.
  • The enchantress hanging around the town creates a serious plot hole. She has all this magical power, yet she stands idly by as Gaston sends Belle's father to an insane asylum and rushes to murder the Beast. She's basically a sociopath.
  • The backstory for Belle's mother was a nice attempt, but seemed rather tacked on. We don't feel bad about her death, because she got two seconds of screen time.
  • If the Beast has the ability to take things from the places he visits (Belle snatches the metal rose) with the magic book, why didn't he just take a bunch of women back with him until one of the fell in love with him?
  • Belle's clothes seem out of place compared to all the garish French styles.


  • As much as I love Emma Watson, she is not a good enough singer to handle Belle's range. I cringed through each of her songs.