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Bay Route, known in Japanese as ベイ ルート [Bei Ruto], is a run and gun developed by Sun Electronics and published by Sega in arcades in 1989. The game is a rather shameless Contra clone, but, despite copying one of the best run and guns of the day, the game isn't very good. The graphics are pretty washed out and the controls leave much to be desired.

The game functions nearly identical to a Contra game, the only really unique part is the weapon system. You begin the game with all four of your possible weapons (machine gun, grenade, flame thrower, and fourway laser) and you can select between them at any time. However, the weapons start out under-powered. Killing red soldiers leaves behind power up capsules that will upgrade your currently selected weapon. This is a cool idea, but it's poorly implemented.


I do not own this game, and have not beaten it.


  • Overall: 2/10


  • I like the fact that you start out with all four of your different weapons and you can power them up to make them stronger.
  • The machine gun upgrades into a spread gun, and even bigger with a second upgrade. Spread guns are always a favorite of mine in a run and gun.


  • The second weapon at level one only functions while ducking, which isn't explained by the game, and even at level two, it's still very difficult to use.
  • The game automatically resets your weapon selection back to the machine gun every time you die. This is really annoying if you prefer a different weapon, because choosing a new weapon in the middle of battle isn't very easy.
  • The flame thrower's upgrade makes it cover most of the screen after it's first upgrade, but the second upgrade doesn't do anything for it.


  • You lose all weapon power ups at the end of each level. This is especially annoying.